Firmware mt1.5_194  & GSwithcer3.03

Issuing time:2017-05-05 11:42


MT1 firmware has stopped updating. The highest version is 1.82.
The MT1.5 firmware is updated on the MT1 firmware. The current version is 1.94.

What is the update of version 1.94 than version 1.82?

Adjust the interface. The heated floor supports external NTC100 thermal.
You can set the size of the print platform. ( Main menu -> Prepare -> Set Size)
Repair laser engraved BUG.

When you update the firmware, please restore the default settings and then restart the printer.( Main menu -> Prepare -> Reset Default)

We are very grateful to our customers for their feedback and suggestions. Thank you again.


GSwitcher 3.03
Fixed some bugs.
Using a new algorithm to improve the efficiency of the operation.
Designed a new interface.
You can add model settings.
Suitable for every printer with Marlin firmware.

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