Firmware 199

Issuing time:2017-06-22 15:40

In fact, before version 199, there is a problem with the option 'Main menu -> Prepare -> Size settings' in the menu. When set and save, when the operation G28 command, and can not be accurate effective. This firmware version modifies this problem.

Firmware compatible with MT1.5, MT1.5 Pro.

But you see two filenames in the download list. They are 'mt199.hex' and 'mt199 high temperature.hex' respectively. Well, if you buy a printer heater block that is aluminum block, then you should use 'mt199.hex'. If the heater block of the printer is copper block. Then you should use 'mt199 high temperature.hex'.

Firmware will be updated this way for some time to come. In the near future, we will combine the two approaches. By that time, it will be a universal firmware. Please know that.

After updating, please restore the default action.
Main menu -> Prepare -> Reset Default

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