GSwitcher & Dragenfly has been updated

Issuing time:2016-10-07 12:27

GSwitcher and Dragonfly are developed by our company, the only ownership of their copyright is multoo. Once the copyright theft, we will be investigated for criminal responsibility. Please rest assured to download on our website. We will develop Linux version for user shortly after, welcome and keep following us!

Dragenfly 2
Support multi-line text carving. Easy to use.
· Adjusted the UI interface. Let you operate more convenient.
· Support multi-line text carving.
· Fixed some bugs.

· Changed icon.


GSwitcher 2
MT1 has cooling fan for models, but the Makerbot Desktop without the code of model cooling, so we adjust GSwitcher panel after version 1.5, and add the command of model cooling in printing processing. Meanwhile, it’ll has a better printing performance when bridging. Welcome to try.
· The converted file information can display on the panel directly.
· If  need to adjust the temperature, can direct to change it.
· Add model cooling function, even if using Makerbot Desktop slice, can still support model cooling. Printing effect is better.
· Fixed some bugs.


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